Biographies, cont.
Richard Barclay Roberts is the business partner of the Academy of Cooking & Other Pleasures.

He integrates two activities often thought to be antithetical: business and art. He studied chemistry as an undergraduate at Princeton University and chemical engineering in graduate school at Yale. He entered business on the technical side and achieved senior executive positions in the

chemical and the information industries. Later he founded a management consulting business in strategy and organization for corporate leaders. His experience prepared him to recognize the strategic fit of two NYSE pharma companies and propose to the President of Cardinal Health that they acquire R. J. Scherer. Six months later he had the pleasure of attending the closing ceremony.

Parallel to his business career and interests,

Richard has always been a photographer. His path as photographer started when he ran the university newspaper’s photography department and extends to his recent show “Sincoronias” that contrast images of daily life in New York with images of similar activities in Paraty.

He and his company, Barclay Images, are the creators of all aspects of this web site; photographs, copy, design and layout.